Committed to provide the best Engineering and Technical solutions to its clients

Adea Nigeria

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ADEA Engineering Solutions Limited is a company providing Consultancy Services, Engineering, Project management, Financial management as well Materials procurement in collaboration with mother company ADEA Power Consulting Pty Limited of Australia. Established in 2005, ADEA Engineering Solutions Ltd has supported the construction and rehabilitation of number of Distribution, Transmission and Substation Projects.

ADEA Engineering Solutions Limited is committed to providing the best Engineering and Technical solutions to its clients through sound economic practices that enable us to deliver cost effective solutions.

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What we Provide

We have taken a leading role in the provision of tailored solutions to meet client’s specific needs in ensuring cost-effective implementation of projects and also fully committed to provide the highest quality of services. This commitment is derived from in-depth understanding of clients’ requirements and the continuous development of integrated solutions through investigation and constructive dialogue. A high degree of flexibility readily allows the provision of tailor made schemes for the client as required.

Think globally – work locally is our philosophy in remaining your preferred Engineering solution provider and catalyst for your business. With our knowledge on business culture and considering the contacts we have garnered in our major markets, we believe ADEA Engineering Solutions Limited is your ideal partner.

We continue to work on solutions relating to issues arising from your business challenges when others have given up. Every service of ours is tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.
ADEA Engineering Solutions Ltd has formed partnerships and associations with companies from different parts of the world. In turn, this allows us to provide high quality consulting services with the added ability to source additional expertise and assistance from other areas in order to meet the needs of our clients.